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    Sailing boat charter in Ibiza

    Charter a sailing boat in Ibiza

    Renting a sailboat in Ibiza is the most traditional and elegant option to spend a nautical holiday in Ibiza. Ideal to spend a day with your family or friends sunbathing and enjoying the crystal clear waters that surround the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

    Our sailboat rental offer in Ibiza and Formentera varies depending on your needs, as well as our quality services adjusted to your needs. It is possible to rent them for days or weeks, although to enjoy an authentic sailing experience it is best to rent it for one or more weeks. However, if you prefer to sail through the beaches of Ibiza for a day, we offer you smaller sailboats ideal for a day of charter on the Mediterranean Sea.

    Ibiza Central Charter will help you to book the boat that best suits you and we will inform you about the best beaches, locations and even restaurants that you can visit during your summer vacation.

    Book your sailboat with us now and live an experience you will never forget.

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    One of the best options to discover the countless beaches and coves of Ibiza and Formentera is the sailing boat. With a sailboat you can enjoy the tranquility and calm that the Mediterranean Sea offers and you will have all the space you can wish for a dream vacation. Here you will find all the necessary information before deciding which boat is best suited to your preferences.

    Characteristics of sailboats
    On our website you have available a large list of sailboats of all types and sizes. There are small sailboats that do not exceed 9 meters and others larger and up to 40 meters. The main advantage of sailboats is their great ability to adapt to all types of needs, in addition to being in perfect condition.

    Depending on your requirements, one sailboat or another will be better, so you should take into account the size, capacity, equipment, speed, etc. For example you will have the option of renting a sailboat for a day or for a week, or even more. If you only want to spend a day on a boat you will have the option of renting a smaller and more economical sailboat, while to stay for a day or a week you will need a sailing ship with cabins and complete equipment for life on board. Finally, all sailboats have a different distribution because some have the basics to live on board as a bathroom, a kitchen and cabins, while others have many more features such as television, kitchen with appliances, air conditioning, Wi -Fi, etc.

    Minimum qualification required

    When renting a sailboat you can choose between hiring a skipper or not. If you hire a skipper, you will not have to worry about anything and you will be able to enjoy a perfect vacation while a professional skipper will take care of the best routes and will let you know the best spots in Ibiza and Formentera.

    If you decide that you are going to take the boat yourself you should know what is the minimum license according to the sailboat you choose. Here we leave you the most known licenses:

    Navigation License (LN) or Titulin: up to 6 meters in length, 2 miles of port, marina or place of shelter and daytime navigation.
    Basic Navigation Pattern (PNB): up to 8 meters in length, 5 miles of port, marina or place of shelter and day and night navigation.
    Recreation boat pattern (PER): up to 15 meters in length, navigation between islands within the Balearic archipelago and day and night navigation.
    Yacht (PY) or Yacht Captain (CY) pattern: with this title you can navigate through the area without any problem.

    What to bring?

    Whether you decide to enjoy a day of charter or rent a sailboat for a week, there is a list of essentials to fully enjoy your experience aboard one of our boats.

    The first thing is clothes and shoes. You will need comfortable, summer and sports clothing and also some long-sleeved clothing because, at night, the temperature in the sea tends to fall. Logically, swimwear is also essential for your nautical vacation. As for footwear, you will only need comfortable shoes and flip flops, although we recommend soft-soled and non-slip shoes to walk on the boat.

    Another essential thing is sun protection. The spray or sunscreen are very important to not burn you because the sun in the Mediterranean is very strong. Another way to protect yourself from the sun is with a hat to prevent sunstroke and to protect the head and face. We also advise you to wear long linen clothes to protect you during the hours of more intense sunlight.

    During a holiday at sea, you can not miss things like towels, submersible camera, diving goggles, fins, etc. You can also try water games such as paddle surfing or wakeboarding. Finally, all our boats have a first aid kit with the basic things like plasters, hydrogen peroxide, etc. However, if you need any special medication do not forget to bring it or if you are not used to navigate it wouldn’t hurt to take pills for seasickness just in case.

    Last tips

    Do not forget to plan your vacation with time and, above all, book the boat as soon as possible so you don’t run out and get the best prices. It is very important to organize what you are going to do and how many people you will be since all this will facilitate the search of the boat.

    When choosing, take into account all the extra expenses that may arise such as food, fuel, skipper, water sports, etc. Anyway, we will advise and help you choose the sailboat that best suits your needs.