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    Catamaran charter in Ibiza

    Charter a catamaran in Ibiza

    Rent a catamaran in Ibiza and Formentera to enjoy a magical vacation aboard the most comfortable charter boat in Ibiza discovering the most hidden and spectacular places of these islands with or without crew.

    We put at your disposal the largest fleet of catamarans in Ibiza and for all types of clients. Our catamarans are ideal for their great width and spaciousness in their rooms, in addition to being fully equipped to offer the greatest comfort you can wish for.

    In our section of catamaran rentals in Ibiza and Formentera we have different lengths and types of catamarans in different ports of Ibiza and Formentera. You can choose between all types of sizes, prices, equipment, catamaran with skipper, etc. And do not forget that we will advise you and help you at all times, from explaining the best routes to recommending the best beaches and even restaurants.

    In addition, you can be accompanied by a skipper in charge of taking you to the best coves of Ibiza and Formentera.

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    If you are thinking about renting a catamaran in Formentera or Ibiza and you do not know how to start looking, in Ibiza Central Charter we collect all the points you need to know before deciding.

    With this list we intend to advise and help you so that choosing a boat is as easy and simple as possible.

    1.- Budget 

    Something essential before choosing a boat is the budget and consider approximately how much we want to spend considering all the variables. Here you will have to take into account the price of the boat and extras such as mooring, crew, gasoline, etc. Above all, if you want to make the most of your holidays in Ibiza make the reservation well in advance to get the best prices and so that you do not miss any detail.

    2.-Type of catamaran

    You have to take into account a series of characteristics when choosing a catamaran, such as length, equipment, capacity, etc.

    The first thing will be to know the number of people and the needs of each one. Depending on the comfort you are looking for you will prefer to rent a smaller catamaran or one of larger length. Depending on the type of length, the speed will also vary, that is, the greater the length the more speed the boat will reach.

    You also have to take into account the number of cabins and bathrooms, and their distribution since you can find catamarans with double or single cabins and private or shared bathrooms. If you are looking for the greatest comfort and privacy possible, a catamaran with cabins and private bathrooms will be better. On the other hand, if you are a lot of people or traveling with children, you will prefer boats with a convertible lounge or with bunk beds.

    3.-Catamaran rental ... with or without skipper
    First of all you must know what licenses and requirements you need to navigate. For example, if you have the Recreation Boat Pattern (PER) certificate in Spain you can take a boat of up to 12 meters. We have to check the foreign degrees and see the homologation they have.

    Anyway, for all those without qualifications or who simply want to enjoy the holidays without thinking about anything, they can rent the service of a professional employer. All the skippers have a high knowledge about navigation and about the waters of Ibiza and Formentera. We recommend renting a catamaran with a skipper and if you do not want to do anything, a cook can solve many things for you.

    If you choose to rent a catamaran in Formentera or Ibiza with skipper you will not have to worry about anything since he will take care of you to know the best beaches and coves of the islands. Keep in mind that the pattern is an extra service and, normally, is not included in the price. Its price will be between 120 and 200 euros per day depending on the type of boat.

    4.-Equipment and extra payments
    All boats come with standard equipment, such as stereo or refrigerator, included in the price. However, each boat has extra equipment that, in some cases, is mandatory. These packs usually include sheets, towels, final cleaning and dinghy. All this varies depending on the type of boat since, normally, these comfort packs are for weekly charters.

    In addition to the equipment, we must take into account other extras such as the crew. You will have the option of hiring the skipper, a sailor, and even, in some options, a cook. All these services are charged separately from the price of the boat in some cases and in others of great length is included. Also keep in mind that gasoline is not included in the price and that it will depend on the distance traveled and that, in most cases, the catamarans do not include the mooring in the price either. The rental of aquatic toys is also an extra payment, although in some cases the rental of the boat includes a toy such as snorkeling equipment or a seabob.

    Finally, those who rent the boat without an employer must pay a deposit or deposit before starting the charter, which will be returned at the end of the same as long as the boat is in good condition and undamaged.

    To prepare your suitcase, keep in mind that space is small and that fewer suitcases are better. All you will need for your nautical holidays are comfortable clothes, swimwear, towels, comfortable shoes, diving goggles and, above all, sun protection.

    For day charter it is much easier since you will only need bathing clothes, towels and sun protection. The boats already come equipped with everything you need for your vacation so you will not have to worry about carrying things like food utensils or music equipment.

    6.- Check-in / check-out
    The most important thing you should know is that catamarans are rented, normally, for weeks. The weekly charter is usually from Saturday to Friday or from Saturday to Saturday. The arrival times can be more flexible and adapted to your needs, usually on Saturdays at noon or in the afternoon. As for the check-out, it is usually on Friday afternoons or early on Saturday on request because we must have the necessary time to clean the boat before the next reservation.

    On the other hand, for day charter the entrance time is usually from ten in the morning. The check-out will depend on the type of boat and will be from seven or eight in the afternoon. All this can vary depending on the catamaran and always trying to adapt the schedules to your preferences and needs.